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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
01/12/2003Windy and very wetTime:12:04
01/12/2003Very wet and dull, its been raining all day. And it still isTime:15:01
01/12/2003Rain all day, now seems to have stoppedTime:17:36

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
01/12/200300:005.3C5.3C5.5C at 23:544.8C at 23:144 mph346North6.9 mph at 23:579969700
01/12/200301:005.5C5.5C5.7C at 00:445.3C at 00:080 mph351North5.4 mph at 00:059979700
01/12/200302:005.7C5.7C5.7C at 02:005.5C at 01:080 mph339NNW5.8 mph at 01:429979700
01/12/200303:005.6C4C5.7C at 02:145.6C at 03:005 mph2NNE8.7 mph at 02:439969700
01/12/200304:005.6C3C5.6C at 04:005.6C at 04:006 mph342NNW9.6 mph at 03:599969700
01/12/200305:005.6C5.6C5.7C at 04:205.6C at 05:003 mph356North9.6 mph at 04:559969700
01/12/200306:005.5C5.5C5.6C at 05:225.5C at 06:004 mph351NNW6.9 mph at 05:349969753
01/12/200307:005.5C5.5C5.5C at 07:005.4C at 06:473 mph25NE9.2 mph at 06:199969744
01/12/200308:005.6C1C5.6C at 08:005.5C at 07:458 mph19NNE9.2 mph at 07:409969716
01/12/200309:005.8C6C5.8C at 09:005.6C at 08:295 mph351North10.5 mph at 08:559979716
01/12/200310:006.3C6.3C6.3C at 10:005.8C at 09:103 mph14NNE6.3 mph at 09:279979718
01/12/200311:006.4C6C6.5C at 10:376.3C at 10:555 mph23NNE9.6 mph at 10:4099797311
01/12/200312:006.3C3C6.4C at 11:486.3C at 12:007 mph4NE13 mph at 11:0399696314
01/12/200313:006.1C6.1C6.3C at 12:386.1C at 13:003 mph18NNE12.5 mph at 12:0399697317
01/12/200314:006.1C6.1C6.3C at 13:246.1C at 14:004 mph21ENE12.1 mph at 13:4299597319
01/12/200315:006.3C4C6.3C at 15:006C at 14:156 mph12North12.5 mph at 14:0799597121
01/12/200316:006.7C4C6.7C at 16:006.3C at 15:027 mph337North10.1 mph at 15:4399697121
01/12/200317:007.6C6C7.6C at 17:006.8C at 16:165 mph17NNW10.1 mph at 16:4899697121
01/12/200318:008.1C8.1C8.1C at 18:007.6C at 17:053 mph346NNW7.4 mph at 17:2399797021
01/12/200319:008.4C8.4C8.4C at 19:008.1C at 18:130 mph53NE7.8 mph at 18:0299897021
01/12/200320:008.5C8.5C8.5C at 20:008.4C at 19:040 mph21NNE7.4 mph at 19:5999897021
01/12/200321:008.7C8.7C8.7C at 21:008.5C at 20:074 mph11North11 mph at 20:0799997021
01/12/200322:008.5C8.5C8.8C at 21:498.5C at 22:000 mph311North8.3 mph at 21:47100094021
01/12/200323:008.4C8.4C8.5C at 22:588.4C at 23:004 mph167East8.3 mph at 22:48100197022