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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
02/03/2005Thick fog.Time:02:45
02/03/2005It's snowing!Time:08:48
02/03/2005Snow cover to start the morning which is melting... But every now and again the snow is falling in big fat flakes. Nice!Time:11:18
02/03/2005Any snow left from this morning will soon be gone as it's now warmed up and raining. Plenty of snowman building taking place on the common at lunch time and lots of sledging by the fort.Time:14:22
02/03/2005Cold, and its become very windy.Time:20:39

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
02/03/200500:000C0C1.2C at 22:050C at 00:000 mph236WSW2.7 mph at 23:2810018904
02/03/200501:00-0.8C-0.8C0C at 00:05-0.8C at 01:000 mph237WSW2.7 mph at 00:1210018900
02/03/200502:00-1.5C-1.5C-0.9C at 01:07-1.5C at 02:000 mph237WSW0 mph at 02:0010009000
02/03/200503:00-1.6C-1.6C-1.5C at 02:08-1.7C at 02:560 mph236WSW0 mph at 03:0010009000
02/03/200504:00-1.2C-1.2C-1.2C at 04:00-1.6C at 03:080 mph237WSW0 mph at 04:0010009100
02/03/200506:000C0C0C at 06:00-1.1C at 04:040 mph237WSW0 mph at 06:0010009400
02/03/200507:000.1C0.1C0.1C at 07:000C at 06:070 mph251WSW0 mph at 07:0010009600
02/03/200508:000.1C0.1C0.2C at 07:410.1C at 08:000 mph256WSW0 mph at 08:0010019600
02/03/200509:000.3C0.3C0.3C at 09:000.1C at 08:080 mph25North0 mph at 09:0010019700
02/03/200510:000.4C-3C0.4C at 10:000.3C at 09:396 mph343NNW8.7 mph at 09:5310019700
02/03/200511:000.7C1C0.7C at 11:000.4C at 10:225 mph347North10.1 mph at 10:5910029700
02/03/200512:001C-1C1C at 12:000.7C at 11:015 mph28NNE10.1 mph at 11:2810029701
02/03/200513:001.9C1.9C1.9C at 13:001C at 12:010 mph356North8.7 mph at 12:3310039712
02/03/200514:002.5C-1C2.5C at 14:001.9C at 13:046 mph42NW9.6 mph at 13:1110038712
02/03/200515:001.8C2C2.7C at 14:201.6C at 14:524 mph328NNE11.6 mph at 14:1610038702
02/03/200516:002.6C0C2.9C at 15:461.9C at 15:036 mph5North13.4 mph at 15:5110046602
02/03/200517:002C2C2.6C at 16:392C at 17:005 mph12North13.9 mph at 16:4610057702
02/03/200518:001.6C1.6C2C at 17:301.6C at 18:003 mph12NNW9.6 mph at 17:1510057502
02/03/200520:001.7C-4C2C at 19:331.6C at 18:108 mph341NE24.2 mph at 19:4610085102
02/03/200521:001.1C-5C34C at 20:391.1C at 21:008 mph10NNE16.3 mph at 20:0510095102
02/03/200523:000.5C-7C1.1C at 21:390.5C at 23:0010 mph53NNE16.8 mph at 21:1310115502