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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
08/01/2004Wet and windyTime:03:14
08/01/2004Wet with very strong winds that have eased slightlyTime:09:26
08/01/2004Some sunny spells but lots of stormy looking sky. Earlier wind has died downTime:14:50

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
08/01/200400:005.6C5.6C6C at 23:385.6C at 00:004 mph248WSW6.7 mph at 23:0299286014
08/01/200401:0010.8C7C10.8C at 01:0010.3C at 00:088 mph166SSE14.8 mph at 00:229979430
08/01/200402:0010.8C6C10.9C at 01:2510.7C at 01:509 mph168SSE15.9 mph at 01:249969130
08/01/200403:0010.8C5C10.8C at 03:0010.7C at 02:3510 mph174SSE17.2 mph at 02:099959000
08/01/200404:0010.9C5C10.9C at 04:0010.6C at 03:2812 mph159SSE16.3 mph at 03:409948900
08/01/200405:0010.5C5C11C at 04:1910.5C at 05:0011 mph153SSE23.7 mph at 04:059919100
08/01/200406:0010.1C0C10.5C at 05:0510.1C at 06:0021 mph182South26.6 mph at 05:179899533
08/01/200407:0010C2C10.1C at 06:3910C at 07:0016 mph169SSE26.6 mph at 06:499869524
08/01/200408:0010C2C10C at 08:009.9C at 07:3516 mph179South28 mph at 07:239849516
08/01/200409:009.9C0C10C at 08:059.7C at 08:4021 mph159SSE24.4 mph at 08:0598296411
08/01/200410:0010.2C9C10.6C at 09:459.9C at 09:065 mph210SSW27.5 mph at 09:0898286312
08/01/200411:009.2C9.2C10.2C at 10:079.2C at 11:000 mph252WSW12.5 mph at 10:4698486312
08/01/200412:008.7C4C9.2C at 11:038.6C at 11:569 mph331NNW14.3 mph at 11:0798582012
08/01/200413:009.6C6C9.6C at 13:008.8C at 12:047 mph182South13.4 mph at 12:0598574012
08/01/200414:008.3C5C9.7C at 13:128.2C at 13:447 mph118ESE12.1 mph at 13:0498574013
08/01/200415:007.9C4C8.3C at 14:167.7C at 14:397 mph323NW15.2 mph at 14:3598676013
08/01/200416:007.4C7.4C8C at 15:237.4C at 16:004 mph296North14.3 mph at 15:2698777013
08/01/200417:006.7C6.7C7.4C at 16:126.7C at 17:000 mph299WNW7.8 mph at 16:4298876013
08/01/200418:006C6C6.8C at 17:146C at 18:005 mph186South10.1 mph at 17:2198982013
08/01/200419:006.1C6.1C6.3C at 18:555.8C at 18:220 mph186South4 mph at 18:5998983014
08/01/200420:005.7C5.7C6C at 19:055.4C at 19:410 mph272West8.3 mph at 19:3799090014
08/01/200421:005.5C5.5C5.8C at 20:015.5C at 21:000 mph236WSW6.9 mph at 20:3599086014
08/01/200422:005.5C5.5C5.7C at 21:135.3C at 21:540 mph188South6.9 mph at 21:1099188014
08/01/200423:005.8C5.8C5.9C at 22:295.6C at 22:050 mph245WSW6.7 mph at 22:0499286014