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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
09/01/2004Some blue sky about but generally cloudy and dampTime:09:31

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
09/01/200400:005.1C5.1C5.2C at 23:504.8C at 23:060 mph135SE6.3 mph at 23:2110068502
09/01/200401:005.8C5.8C5.8C at 01:005.4C at 00:213 mph316NW8.3 mph at 00:379938700
09/01/200402:006.6C6.6C6.7C at 01:575.8C at 01:014 mph275West9.6 mph at 01:139938000
09/01/200403:006.2C6.2C6.6C at 02:016.2C at 03:000 mph267West9.6 mph at 02:539948700
09/01/200404:005.7C6C6.2C at 03:025.4C at 03:404 mph335NNW7.8 mph at 03:059958900
09/01/200405:006.1C6C6.1C at 05:005.6C at 04:014 mph282WNW5.8 mph at 04:129968701
09/01/200406:006C6C6.2C at 05:306C at 06:000 mph284WNW7.8 mph at 05:499967801
09/01/200407:005.8C6C6C at 06:025.7C at 06:554 mph301WNW6.9 mph at 06:589968101
09/01/200408:006.1C6.1C6.1C at 08:005.8C at 07:410 mph267West7.4 mph at 07:479977901
09/01/200409:005.9C5.9C6.6C at 08:375.9C at 09:000 mph299WNW8.7 mph at 08:389987801
09/01/200410:006.8C6.8C7.1C at 09:525.8C at 09:053 mph312NW10.1 mph at 09:579997501
09/01/200411:008.1C8.1C8.1C at 11:006.7C at 10:253 mph1North11 mph at 10:1010006301
09/01/200412:008.6C8.6C8.6C at 12:008.2C at 11:030 mph292WNW16.3 mph at 11:2110016001
09/01/200413:006.5C3C8.7C at 12:246.5C at 13:007 mph293WNW16.3 mph at 12:4910016901
09/01/200414:006.1C1C6.4C at 13:045.8C at 13:299 mph314NW11.6 mph at 13:2310027702
09/01/200415:006.4C6C6.7C at 14:366.1C at 14:075 mph296WNW12.5 mph at 14:0610037302
09/01/200416:005.7C5.7C6.4C at 15:295.7C at 16:000 mph292WNW6.9 mph at 15:1010037602
09/01/200417:005.1C5.1C5.7C at 16:065.1C at 17:000 mph278WNW5.8 mph at 16:4310048002
09/01/200418:005.4C2C5.4C at 18:005.1C at 17:087 mph265West7.4 mph at 18:0010057502
09/01/200419:005.6C4C5.7C at 18:505.4C at 18:015 mph304WNW7.8 mph at 18:2510067502
09/01/200420:005.3C5.3C5.7C at 19:045.3C at 20:000 mph328NNW5.8 mph at 19:4210067702
09/01/200421:005.7C5.7C5.7C at 21:005.3C at 20:380 mph311NW7.4 mph at 20:4410067202
09/01/200422:006C6C6C at 22:005.7C at 21:100 mph307NW6.3 mph at 21:3510067002
09/01/200423:004.9C4.9C6C at 22:134.7C at 22:470 mph134SE4.9 mph at 22:3810078102