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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
09/10/2002Sunny but a cold windTime:09:22
09/10/2002Dull and cloudyTime:17:14

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
09/10/200200:0010.9C8C11.1C at 23:2910.9C at 00:007 mph140ESE16.3 mph at 23:3510058100
09/10/200201:0010.8C5C10.9C at 00:1610.7C at 00:5911 mph135South19 mph at 00:3410058300
09/10/200202:0010.5C8C10.8C at 01:0710.5C at 02:007 mph127SSE16.3 mph at 01:5910058500
09/10/200203:0010.5C7C10.5C at 03:0010.4C at 02:408 mph139SSE13 mph at 02:0710048600
09/10/200204:0010C6C10.5C at 03:1910C at 04:009 mph129SE14.8 mph at 03:1510048800
09/10/200205:009.6C8C10C at 04:049.6C at 05:005 mph149SSE13.4 mph at 04:2810049000
09/10/200206:009.6C7C9.7C at 05:289.6C at 06:007 mph132SE14.8 mph at 05:5810048900
09/10/200207:009.5C9.5C9.7C at 06:389.5C at 07:000 mph126SSE13 mph at 06:5210048700
09/10/200208:009.4C5C9.5C at 07:599.4C at 08:008 mph115SE14.8 mph at 07:4710048600
09/10/200209:009.6C6C9.6C at 09:009.4C at 08:407 mph112South12.1 mph at 08:3110048300
09/10/200210:0012.9C11C12.9C at 10:009.6C at 09:075 mph176SSE13 mph at 09:3310045900
09/10/200211:0013.7C7C13.7C at 11:0013C at 10:0115 mph84East16.8 mph at 10:4710045000
09/10/200212:0014.2C8C14.2C at 12:0013.6C at 11:0313 mph141SW16.8 mph at 11:2810044800
09/10/200213:0013.5C14C14.2C at 12:1013.3C at 12:473 mph108East17.7 mph at 12:0710045100
09/10/200214:0014.6C15C14.7C at 13:4513.5C at 13:024 mph112ENE17.2 mph at 13:0110034500
09/10/200215:0014.6C12C15.2C at 14:4114.5C at 14:177 mph145ENE19.5 mph at 14:4410034500
09/10/200216:0014.5C13C14.8C at 15:3614.5C at 16:006 mph43SSE17.2 mph at 15:5110034600
09/10/200217:0014.2C14.2C14.5C at 16:2014.2C at 17:000 mph94North19 mph at 16:2310034900
09/10/200218:0013.6C10C14.2C at 17:0813.6C at 18:008 mph98ESE11.6 mph at 17:3910035200
09/10/200219:0012.4C12C13.6C at 18:0212.4C at 19:005 mph151East12.1 mph at 18:4410036000
09/10/200220:0011.4C11C12.4C at 19:0311.4C at 20:004 mph147South11 mph at 19:0410046700
09/10/200221:0011.2C7C11.4C at 20:0911.2C at 21:008 mph111SSE11.2 mph at 20:0510047100
09/10/200222:0011.3C11C11.3C at 22:0011.2C at 21:394 mph140ESE14.8 mph at 21:3710047200
09/10/200223:0011.2C11.2C11.3C at 22:4911.2C at 23:000 mph68ENE9.6 mph at 22:1710057400