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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
11/10/2003Warm, bright and sunnyTime:12:56

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
11/10/200300:007.4C7.4C8.5C at 23:027.4C at 00:000 mph193SSW0 mph at 00:0010199500
11/10/200301:007C7C7.4C at 00:037C at 01:000 mph193SSW0 mph at 01:0010209600
11/10/200302:007.1C7.1C7.1C at 02:006.7C at 01:420 mph193SSW0 mph at 02:0010209700
11/10/200303:007.8C7.8C7.8C at 03:007.1C at 02:030 mph193SSW0 mph at 03:0010209700
11/10/200304:008.1C8.1C8.2C at 03:507.8C at 03:120 mph193SSW0 mph at 04:0010209700
11/10/200305:008.2C8.2C8.2C at 05:008.1C at 04:480 mph176South4 mph at 04:3810209700
11/10/200306:007.7C7.7C8.2C at 05:047.5C at 05:440 mph189South0 mph at 06:0010209700
11/10/200307:007.4C7.4C7.8C at 06:407.4C at 07:000 mph189South0 mph at 07:0010219700
11/10/200308:007.7C7.7C7.7C at 08:007C at 07:170 mph189South0 mph at 08:0010219700
11/10/200309:0010.9C10.9C10.9C at 09:007.7C at 08:010 mph189South0 mph at 09:0010229100
11/10/200310:0014.4C14.4C14.5C at 09:5210.9C at 09:010 mph135SE0 mph at 10:0010226900
11/10/200311:0017.5C17.5C17.7C at 10:5814.4C at 10:010 mph156SSE0 mph at 11:0010225300
11/10/200312:0017.6C17.6C18C at 11:5316.6C at 11:160 mph139SE0 mph at 12:0010225300
11/10/200313:0017.8C17.8C18C at 12:5716.8C at 12:160 mph206SSW0 mph at 13:0010224900
11/10/200314:0018.2C18C18.2C at 14:0017.8C at 13:394 mph195South6.9 mph at 13:2210224900
11/10/200315:0018.4C18.4C18.9C at 14:2018C at 14:430 mph173ESE6.3 mph at 14:0710214800
11/10/200316:0017.3C17.3C18.3C at 15:0217.3C at 16:000 mph104East4 mph at 15:0210215300
11/10/200317:0015.7C15.7C17.3C at 16:1115.7C at 17:000 mph119ESE0 mph at 17:0010216700
11/10/200318:0014.2C14.2C15.7C at 17:0314.2C at 18:000 mph119ESE0 mph at 18:0010217300
11/10/200319:0012.1C12.1C14.2C at 18:0112.1C at 19:000 mph119ESE0 mph at 19:0010218000
11/10/200320:0010.3C10.3C12.1C at 19:0210.3C at 20:000 mph186South0 mph at 20:0010218500
11/10/200321:009C9C10.3C at 20:029C at 21:000 mph186South0 mph at 21:0010218700
11/10/200322:008.4C8.4C8.9C at 21:048.4C at 22:000 mph186South0 mph at 22:0010219000
11/10/200323:007.7C7.7C8.4C at 22:017.7C at 23:000 mph186South0 mph at 23:0010219100