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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
11/12/2003Overcast and wetTime:09:32

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
11/12/200300:005.7C4C5.7C at 00:004.5C at 23:016 mph158SE6.9 mph at 23:4310099700
11/12/200301:006.5C6.5C6.5C at 01:005.7C at 00:020 mph155SSE5.8 mph at 00:5910089700
11/12/200302:007.2C7.2C7.2C at 02:006.5C at 01:180 mph144SSE6.7 mph at 01:1510079700
11/12/200303:007.5C8C7.5C at 03:007.2C at 02:044 mph146SSE6.3 mph at 02:5710069600
11/12/200304:008.2C6C8.2C at 04:007.5C at 03:076 mph173SSE6.7 mph at 03:5610059701
11/12/200305:008.5C7C8.5C at 05:008.3C at 04:185 mph158SSE9.6 mph at 04:3010049613
11/12/200306:008.8C6C8.8C at 06:008.5C at 05:337 mph162SSW9.2 mph at 05:5010039724
11/12/200307:008.8C4C9C at 06:288.8C at 07:009 mph196South15.9 mph at 06:1210029225
11/12/200308:008.9C6C8.9C at 08:008.8C at 07:406 mph154SSE11.2 mph at 07:5710029616
11/12/200309:009.4C9.4C9.4C at 09:008.9C at 08:044 mph149SSE11.6 mph at 08:2110019616
11/12/200310:0010.3C10.3C10.3C at 10:009.4C at 09:020 mph140SE9.2 mph at 09:3510019506
11/12/200311:0010.7C10.7C10.7C at 11:0010.4C at 10:050 mph333NNW6.3 mph at 10:4810029506
11/12/200312:0011.6C12C11.6C at 12:0010.7C at 11:035 mph333NW6.9 mph at 11:3810029406
11/12/200313:0012.3C12.3C12.3C at 13:0011.7C at 12:074 mph280SW7.8 mph at 12:1510038706
11/12/200314:0011.9C11.9C12.3C at 13:0511.8C at 13:493 mph337NNW6.9 mph at 13:5210038506
11/12/200315:0011.4C10C11.9C at 14:1211.4C at 15:006 mph11North8.3 mph at 14:5510057606
11/12/200316:0010.1C10.1C11.4C at 15:0110.1C at 16:003 mph356North12.5 mph at 15:4810077506
11/12/200317:009.6C9.6C10.1C at 16:049.6C at 17:003 mph78East9.2 mph at 16:3310097706
11/12/200318:009.5C9.5C9.6C at 17:309.5C at 18:000 mph346NNW7.4 mph at 17:3110107506
11/12/200319:008.7C8.7C9.5C at 18:078.7C at 19:000 mph351North8.3 mph at 18:1310117606
11/12/200320:007.8C6C8.7C at 19:017.5C at 19:555 mph3NNW5.4 mph at 20:0010138506
11/12/200321:007.5C7.5C8C at 20:117.5C at 21:000 mph36NE7.4 mph at 20:4410148406
11/12/200322:006.3C6.3C7.4C at 21:036.3C at 22:000 mph269West2.7 mph at 21:0210148906
11/12/200323:005C5C6.3C at 22:015C at 23:000 mph129ESE4.5 mph at 22:3710159306