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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
12/06/2003Bright and sunnyTime:09:25

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
12/06/200300:0013.8C13.8C14.4C at 23:0413.7C at 23:550 mph187South0 mph at 00:0010177100
12/06/200301:0013.3C13.3C13.7C at 00:1013.2C at 00:590 mph186South0 mph at 01:0010167300
12/06/200302:0012.7C12.7C13.3C at 01:1012.7C at 02:000 mph191SSW0 mph at 02:0010167600
12/06/200303:0012.6C12.6C13.1C at 02:1012.6C at 03:000 mph203SSW0 mph at 03:0010167600
12/06/200304:0012.5C12.5C12.9C at 03:2812.5C at 04:000 mph197SSW2.7 mph at 03:2310167800
12/06/200305:0011.4C11.4C12.5C at 04:0311.4C at 05:000 mph199SSW0 mph at 05:0010168100
12/06/200306:0011.8C11.8C11.8C at 06:0011.1C at 05:290 mph198SSW0 mph at 06:0010168200
12/06/200307:0020.3C20.3C20.3C at 07:0011.9C at 06:020 mph166SSE0 mph at 07:0010164400
12/06/200308:0022.8C22.8C23.1C at 07:5820.3C at 07:014 mph264WNW5.4 mph at 07:3810173600
12/06/200309:0021.5C21.5C23.4C at 08:5120.7C at 08:300 mph292SW8.3 mph at 08:2710173900
12/06/200310:0022C22C23.9C at 09:5120.1C at 09:223 mph271NW11 mph at 09:5810173500
12/06/200311:0021.7C19C22.1C at 10:0521.1C at 10:1510 mph286WSW10.1 mph at 11:0010173800
12/06/200312:0021.1C21C22.2C at 11:1720.4C at 11:475 mph280WNW10.5 mph at 11:4410173800
12/06/200313:0020.7C20.7C21.3C at 12:3820.6C at 12:084 mph336WNW11.6 mph at 12:5210174000
12/06/200314:0021.2C20C21.2C at 14:0020.5C at 13:177 mph3SW11 mph at 13:2610173800
12/06/200315:0021.1C20C21.3C at 14:5821C at 14:267 mph275NW12.5 mph at 14:3810173500
12/06/200316:0020.9C20.9C21.2C at 15:3820.9C at 16:004 mph201WNW11.2 mph at 15:2010183500
12/06/200317:0020.7C20C21.3C at 16:2220.7C at 17:006 mph239NW10.5 mph at 16:5010183400
12/06/200318:0020C20C20.7C at 17:0820C at 18:003 mph267SSE10.1 mph at 17:1910183800
12/06/200319:0019C19C19.9C at 18:0419C at 19:000 mph149SSE9.6 mph at 18:1810184100
12/06/200320:0019.2C19.2C19.2C at 20:0018.1C at 19:484 mph338SW8.3 mph at 19:2810184400
12/06/200321:0015.5C15.5C19.1C at 20:0215.5C at 21:000 mph266West7.8 mph at 20:1610195500
12/06/200322:0013.7C13.7C15.5C at 21:0213.7C at 22:000 mph201SSW6.3 mph at 21:1510196700
12/06/200323:0012.7C12.7C13.7C at 22:0212.6C at 22:420 mph135SE0 mph at 23:0010207500