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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
13/03/2004Some sunshine but a there is a huge dark area of sky moving over! Time:14:24
13/03/2004Rather dark and gloomy. Some spots of rain and I think I just heard some thunder!Time:14:59
13/03/2004Its rainingTime:20:17

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
13/03/200400:006.7C0C6.8C at 23:356.7C at 00:0010 mph188South10.1 mph at 00:0010118808
13/03/200401:003.2C3.2C3.7C at 00:083.2C at 01:004 mph334NNW6.3 mph at 00:5410039701
13/03/200402:003.3C3.3C3.3C at 02:003C at 01:370 mph310NW5.8 mph at 01:0610049712
13/03/200403:003.2C3.2C3.4C at 02:383.2C at 03:000 mph310NW2.7 mph at 02:5810059713
13/03/200404:003.2C3.2C3.3C at 03:433C at 03:540 mph310NW0 mph at 04:0010059714
13/03/200405:003.6C3.6C3.6C at 05:003.2C at 04:010 mph310NW0 mph at 05:0010069715
13/03/200406:003.9C3.9C3.9C at 06:003.4C at 05:240 mph310NW0 mph at 06:0010079715
13/03/200407:004.1C4.1C4.2C at 06:473.9C at 06:140 mph310NW3.6 mph at 06:5310089705
13/03/200408:005.1C5.1C5.1C at 08:004.2C at 07:030 mph288WNW6.3 mph at 07:5910099705
13/03/200409:007.6C7.6C7.7C at 08:545.2C at 08:030 mph330NNW8.3 mph at 08:5410099406
13/03/200410:009.9C7C9.9C at 10:007.7C at 09:017 mph281WNW7.4 mph at 10:0010107506
13/03/200411:0010.7C11C11.1C at 10:428.7C at 10:164 mph237WSW11.2 mph at 10:4110106106
13/03/200412:009.9C10C11C at 11:209.9C at 12:005 mph295WNW10.5 mph at 11:0410115506
13/03/200413:0011.7C6C11.7C at 13:009.9C at 12:0212 mph294WNW12.5 mph at 13:0010114606
13/03/200414:0011.3C8C11.8C at 13:2910.7C at 13:538 mph267West14.8 mph at 13:3010114906
13/03/200415:0010.3C7C11.4C at 14:029.8C at 14:257 mph193SSW10.5 mph at 14:3310105706
13/03/200416:008C8C10.2C at 15:017.2C at 15:263 mph156SSE11.2 mph at 15:5810117507
13/03/200417:008.7C5C8.9C at 16:438C at 16:047 mph180South11 mph at 16:2910106907
13/03/200418:008.1C6C8.8C at 17:108.1C at 18:006 mph214SW15.2 mph at 17:5510116707
13/03/200419:007.2C3C8C at 18:037C at 18:518 mph171SSE13.4 mph at 18:2610117507
13/03/200420:007.6C3C7.6C at 20:007.2C at 19:018 mph176South12.1 mph at 19:4710117907
13/03/200421:007.6C1C7.8C at 20:447.6C at 21:0011 mph203SSW19.9 mph at 20:4310117707
13/03/200422:007C7C7.6C at 21:027C at 22:004 mph159SSE11.6 mph at 21:3210117607
13/03/200423:006.8C6.8C7C at 22:046.8C at 23:003 mph167SSE12.1 mph at 22:2110118307