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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
15/03/2004Sunny and mildTime:09:24
15/03/2004Rather grey and dull with some spots of rain around midday. MildTime:15:07
15/03/2004Rather dull with some drizzleTime:17:04

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
15/03/200400:0011.9C11.9C12.1C at 23:0511.9C at 00:004 mph233SW9.6 mph at 23:4910258902
15/03/200401:009.8C8C10.3C at 00:019.8C at 01:006 mph230SW11.2 mph at 00:1110197800
15/03/200402:009.6C6C9.8C at 01:329.6C at 02:007 mph303WNW13.9 mph at 01:2310207800
15/03/200403:009.6C8C9.7C at 02:349.6C at 03:006 mph179South8.7 mph at 02:4210208100
15/03/200404:009.5C9.5C9.6C at 03:309.4C at 03:564 mph263West11.2 mph at 03:0810218100
15/03/200405:009.1C9.1C9.5C at 04:139.1C at 05:000 mph49NE7.8 mph at 04:2410218000
15/03/200406:008.9C6C9.1C at 05:168.9C at 06:007 mph184South7.8 mph at 05:5310217900
15/03/200407:008.8C9C8.9C at 06:028.5C at 06:334 mph139SE7.4 mph at 06:1510228100
15/03/200408:0011C11C11C at 08:008.8C at 07:043 mph235WNW12.5 mph at 07:5410227000
15/03/200409:0012.8C12.8C12.9C at 08:5811.1C at 08:023 mph157SSE15.2 mph at 08:3910236100
15/03/200410:0012.7C8C12.9C at 09:0412.5C at 09:409 mph206SSW16.8 mph at 09:2610236300
15/03/200411:0012.8C12.8C13.6C at 10:2312.7C at 10:033 mph210SW13.9 mph at 10:3310236400
15/03/200412:0014.1C14.1C14.1C at 12:0012.8C at 11:030 mph134SE16.3 mph at 11:3310236200
15/03/200413:0014.5C11C14.7C at 12:2314.2C at 12:418 mph143SSE17.7 mph at 12:3410226200
15/03/200414:0013.8C11C15C at 13:3313.8C at 14:008 mph189South19.9 mph at 13:2910226800
15/03/200415:0013.6C12C13.8C at 14:0313.4C at 14:496 mph208SSW13 mph at 14:1910227300
15/03/200416:0012.4C7C13.8C at 15:1612.4C at 16:0011 mph188South11.6 mph at 15:1610228500
15/03/200417:0012C12C12.4C at 16:2212C at 17:004 mph225SW13 mph at 16:2110239100
15/03/200418:0011.7C11.7C12C at 17:0511.6C at 17:473 mph193SSW8.3 mph at 17:5510239402
15/03/200419:0011.7C10C11.7C at 19:0011.7C at 19:006 mph200SSW10.1 mph at 18:1010239502
15/03/200420:0012C12C12C at 20:0011.7C at 19:123 mph168SSE9.6 mph at 19:5210249202
15/03/200421:0012.1C9C12.1C at 21:0012C at 20:277 mph188South9.2 mph at 20:4210249002
15/03/200422:0012.2C9C12.2C at 22:0012.1C at 21:297 mph209SSW11.6 mph at 21:0210248802
15/03/200423:0012.1C10C12.2C at 22:5112C at 22:156 mph189South13 mph at 22:1810248702