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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
15/06/2005Quite a bit of rain earlier, now looking rather cloudy and dull.Time:11:42
15/06/2005Some light drizzle.Time:18:22

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
15/06/200500:0012C12C13.5C at 23:0312C at 00:005 mph130SSE5.4 mph at 23:4710137100
15/06/200502:0012.6C12.6C12.6C at 02:0012.1C at 00:454 mph182South6.9 mph at 01:4410127700
15/06/200503:0012.5C10C12.6C at 02:4412.5C at 03:006 mph170SSE7.4 mph at 02:5310127700
15/06/200504:0012.7C9C12.8C at 03:5512.5C at 03:079 mph167SSE11.2 mph at 03:5510126800
15/06/200505:0012.1C8C12.7C at 04:0612.1C at 05:009 mph179South11 mph at 04:4910117300
15/06/200506:0011.6C9C12.1C at 05:0411.6C at 06:006 mph196SSW12.1 mph at 05:3910118300
15/06/200507:0011.6C8C11.6C at 07:0011.6C at 07:008 mph151SSE12.5 mph at 06:5510108901
15/06/200508:0011.8C9C11.8C at 08:0011.6C at 07:217 mph175SSE15.4 mph at 07:2110109334
15/06/200509:0012.1C8C12.1C at 09:0011.8C at 08:098 mph185South13.4 mph at 08:2110099546
15/06/200510:0012.7C10C12.7C at 10:0012.1C at 09:057 mph175SSE13.9 mph at 09:5010099527
15/06/200511:0013.8C11C13.8C at 11:0012.8C at 10:058 mph162SSE13.9 mph at 10:1310099627
15/06/200512:0015.9C15.9C15.9C at 12:0013.8C at 11:015 mph19NNE10.1 mph at 11:0310099707
15/06/200513:0017.3C14C17.8C at 12:4816C at 12:0210 mph277West12.5 mph at 12:4410105807
15/06/200514:0018.8C17C18.8C at 14:0017.3C at 13:108 mph191SSW12.1 mph at 13:2210104507
15/06/200515:0019.1C19C19.1C at 15:0018.2C at 14:253 mph120ESE13 mph at 14:3310113707
15/06/200516:0017.6C15C19.1C at 15:0517.6C at 16:007 mph166SSE13 mph at 15:5210124807
15/06/200517:0018.7C17C19.3C at 16:3317.6C at 16:046 mph195SSW15.4 mph at 16:5610124607
15/06/200518:0016.4C16C18.6C at 17:0316.4C at 18:005 mph235South10.5 mph at 17:5010136107
15/06/200519:0014.7C13C16.3C at 18:0114.7C at 19:006 mph172SSE8.3 mph at 18:1810137307
15/06/200520:0014.3C12C14.7C at 19:0214.2C at 19:277 mph202SSW10.5 mph at 19:4310138407
15/06/200521:0014.3C14C14.3C at 21:0014.3C at 21:000 mph250WSW8.3 mph at 20:1010148507
15/06/200522:0014.4C14C14.4C at 22:0014.3C at 21:230 mph122ESE5.4 mph at 21:1710158507
15/06/200523:0014.5C14.5C14.5C at 23:0014.4C at 22:425 mph200SSW6.7 mph at 22:4110158607