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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
18/06/2005Warm and sunny although the wind has been increasing over the last couple of hours.Time:12:00
18/06/2005Warm and sunny although the wind has been increasing over the last couple of hours.

The UV index is quite high today so dab on the old sun tan lotion!

18/06/2005Hot and windy.Time:16:09
18/06/2005Warm with clear blue sky.Time:20:35
18/06/2005Very warm.Time:22:42

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
18/06/200500:0016.1C16C17.4C at 23:0216.1C at 00:000 mph164SSE3.6 mph at 23:4210287700
18/06/200501:0015.2C15C16.1C at 00:0315.2C at 01:000 mph178South4.9 mph at 00:0910288100
18/06/200502:0014.9C14.9C15.2C at 01:0214.9C at 02:000 mph189South4 mph at 01:2710288400
18/06/200503:0014.7C14.7C14.9C at 02:3614.7C at 03:000 mph176South3.1 mph at 02:4410278600
18/06/200504:0015.1C15C15.1C at 04:0014.7C at 03:110 mph176South2.7 mph at 03:2610278700
18/06/200505:0015.6C15.6C15.6C at 05:0015.1C at 04:154 mph182South5.8 mph at 04:1410278900
18/06/200506:0015.8C15.8C15.8C at 06:0015.6C at 05:103 mph154SSE5.4 mph at 05:2410279000
18/06/200507:0017.6C17.6C17.6C at 07:0015.8C at 06:110 mph125ESE4 mph at 06:4310279100
18/06/200508:0018.7C18.7C18.7C at 08:0017.7C at 07:030 mph167SSE4.9 mph at 07:4910278600
18/06/200509:0019.2C19C19.2C at 09:0018.7C at 08:080 mph132SE5.4 mph at 08:2810278000
18/06/200510:0022C21C22C at 10:0019.2C at 09:035 mph141SSE9.2 mph at 09:5410266600
18/06/200511:0023.3C22C23.3C at 11:0022C at 10:017 mph156SSE12.1 mph at 10:2010255900
18/06/200512:0024.9C23C24.9C at 12:0022.9C at 11:0810 mph168SSE14.8 mph at 11:5710255000
18/06/200513:0025.6C24C25.8C at 12:5224.9C at 12:269 mph126ESE17.2 mph at 12:2810244800
18/06/200514:0026C24C26.3C at 13:3925.6C at 13:0110 mph188South15.2 mph at 13:4610244800
18/06/200515:0027.1C26C27.1C at 15:0026C at 14:0110 mph178South15.4 mph at 14:0410234300
18/06/200517:0026.5C25C27.4C at 15:3726.5C at 17:0010 mph150SSE17.7 mph at 16:0310224200
18/06/200518:0026.3C25C26.6C at 17:1326.2C at 17:517 mph140SE15.9 mph at 17:1310224300
18/06/200519:0025.6C25C26.3C at 18:0925.6C at 19:005 mph192SSW15.9 mph at 18:0910214300
18/06/200520:0024.9C24C25.6C at 19:0224.9C at 20:006 mph185South13.4 mph at 19:0410214600
18/06/200521:0023.2C22C24.9C at 20:0423.2C at 21:006 mph195SSW9.2 mph at 20:2110215400
18/06/200523:0019.6C18C23.1C at 21:0319.6C at 23:006 mph187South7.4 mph at 22:5710207400