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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
19/03/2004Very wet and windyTime:08:40
19/03/2004Earllier wind has died down and there is some sunshineTime:12:50

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
19/03/200400:008.4C4C8.5C at 23:578.4C at 00:008 mph197SSW9.6 mph at 23:4910117509
19/03/200401:007.1C7.1C7.5C at 00:367.1C at 01:003 mph5North7.4 mph at 00:4710167600
19/03/200402:006.8C6.8C7.1C at 01:046.8C at 02:000 mph157SSE9.6 mph at 01:2710157800
19/03/200403:007.3C5C7.4C at 02:586.8C at 02:046 mph141SSE11.6 mph at 02:4210147700
19/03/200404:007.5C5C7.5C at 04:007.3C at 03:036 mph182South9.6 mph at 03:4510137900
19/03/200405:007.9C1C7.9C at 05:007.5C at 04:1011 mph157SSE15.9 mph at 04:5610128501
19/03/200406:008.3C1C8.3C at 06:007.9C at 05:1312 mph201SSW17.2 mph at 05:3710098612
19/03/200407:008.8C3C8.8C at 07:008.3C at 06:2810 mph170SSE22.4 mph at 06:5810088824
19/03/200408:0010C4C10C at 08:008.8C at 07:0210 mph209SSW23.7 mph at 07:2410068624
19/03/200409:0010.1C7C10.1C at 09:0010C at 08:597 mph226SW28 mph at 08:2110059316
19/03/200410:0010.8C9C10.8C at 10:0010.1C at 09:106 mph282WNW15.9 mph at 09:2410049628
19/03/200411:0011C2C11C at 11:0010.8C at 10:0420 mph270West19.5 mph at 11:0010059529
19/03/200412:0011.7C11.7C11.7C at 12:0010.9C at 11:274 mph312NW25.7 mph at 11:0410068729
19/03/200413:0011.9C7C11.9C at 13:0011.4C at 12:4410 mph301WNW15.4 mph at 12:1810065609
19/03/200414:0012.4C7C12.8C at 13:3311.9C at 13:0310 mph333NNW17.2 mph at 13:2410074409
19/03/200415:0012.5C10C12.7C at 14:3412.3C at 14:517 mph0North14.8 mph at 14:0910084609
19/03/200416:0012.5C9C12.6C at 15:1212C at 15:369 mph309NW13.9 mph at 15:1710094509
19/03/200417:0011C11C12.8C at 16:0811C at 17:005 mph320NW14.8 mph at 16:1410095709
19/03/200418:009.8C9.8C11C at 17:039.8C at 18:004 mph193SSW11.2 mph at 17:2910106009
19/03/200419:008.7C8.7C9.8C at 18:018.5C at 18:434 mph347NNW11.2 mph at 18:2810116909
19/03/200420:008.2C8.2C8.7C at 19:088.2C at 20:000 mph290WNW8.3 mph at 19:3010127509
19/03/200421:007.8C7.8C8.2C at 20:137.8C at 21:003 mph317NW6.3 mph at 20:1210127609
19/03/200422:008.1C8.1C8.1C at 22:007.7C at 21:334 mph245WSW6.3 mph at 21:3510128009
19/03/200423:008.4C8.4C8.4C at 23:008C at 22:240 mph271West6.3 mph at 22:3710127809