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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
19/11/2005Very sunny and very cold.Time:10:45
19/11/2005Cold, sunny and a little misty.Time:14:02
19/11/2005Cold and getting misty.Time:14:45
19/11/2005Very cold and foggy. Stay in!Time:17:29
19/11/2005The earlier fog has lifted, now it's just very cold.Time:22:23

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
19/11/200500:00-3.2C-3.2C-3.1C at 23:27-3.2C at 00:000 mph185South4 mph at 23:5810308000
19/11/200501:00-3.4C-3.4C-3.2C at 00:12-3.4C at 01:000 mph186South4 mph at 00:5110308000
19/11/200502:00-3.6C-3.6C-3.5C at 01:25-3.6C at 02:000 mph186South4.5 mph at 01:4710308100
19/11/200503:00-3.7C-3.7C-3.6C at 02:10-3.8C at 02:490 mph186South3.6 mph at 02:0810308200
19/11/200504:00-4C-4C34C at 03:05-4C at 04:000 mph186South4 mph at 03:4010308200
19/11/200505:00-4.2C-4.2C-4C at 04:05-4.2C at 05:000 mph187South0 mph at 05:0010318300
19/11/200506:00-4.5C-4.5C-4.2C at 05:04-4.5C at 06:000 mph186South0 mph at 06:0010318400
19/11/200507:00-4.5C-4.5C-4.5C at 07:00-4.6C at 06:563 mph186South3.1 mph at 07:0010328400
19/11/200508:00-4.5C-4.5C-4.5C at 08:00-4.6C at 07:520 mph186South0 mph at 08:0010328500
19/11/200509:00-4C-4C-4C at 09:00-4.5C at 08:060 mph186South3.6 mph at 08:5510338500
19/11/200510:00-2.7C-3C-2.7C at 10:00-4C at 09:025 mph336NNW4.9 mph at 10:0010338700
19/11/200511:00-1.8C-6C-1.8C at 11:00-2.7C at 10:037 mph334NNW6.9 mph at 11:0010339100
19/11/200512:00-0.9C-4C-0.9C at 12:00-1.8C at 11:036 mph335North6.9 mph at 11:5110339500
19/11/200513:00-0.6C-3C-0.6C at 13:00-0.8C at 12:466 mph335NNW8.3 mph at 12:3910339600
19/11/200514:000.3C-2C0.3C at 14:00-0.6C at 13:015 mph331NNW6.9 mph at 13:1810329700
19/11/200515:00-0.4C0C0.3C at 14:21-0.4C at 15:005 mph345North8.7 mph at 14:0710329500
19/11/200516:00-1C-1C-0.4C at 15:07-1C at 16:004 mph342NNW7.4 mph at 15:2810329600
19/11/200517:00-1.4C-1.4C-1C at 16:13-1.4C at 17:004 mph335NNW5.4 mph at 16:5310339600
19/11/200518:00-1.8C-1.8C-1.4C at 17:13-1.8C at 18:003 mph335NNW4.5 mph at 17:3810339600
19/11/200519:00-2.1C-2.1C-1.8C at 18:17-2.1C at 19:000 mph335NNW3.1 mph at 18:4310339600
19/11/200520:00-2.5C-2.5C-2.1C at 19:03-2.5C at 20:000 mph335NNW0 mph at 20:0010339600
19/11/200521:00-2.9C-2.9C-2.5C at 20:07-2.9C at 21:000 mph335NNW3.6 mph at 20:4410339600
19/11/200522:00-3.2C-3.2C-2.9C at 21:07-3.2C at 22:000 mph335NNW4 mph at 21:1510339600
19/11/200523:00-3.3C-3.3C-3.2C at 22:09-3.3C at 23:004 mph335NNW4.5 mph at 22:5410349600