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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
21/02/2004Cold and windyTime:14:47
21/02/2004Very windy tonight and its also very cold!Time:20:30

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
21/02/200400:003.1C-4C3.1C at 00:002.8C at 23:0110 mph41NE18.6 mph at 23:0310156400
21/02/200401:001.7C2C2.5C at 00:041.7C at 01:005 mph133SE13.4 mph at 00:0210196100
21/02/200402:001C1C1.6C at 01:061C at 02:000 mph52NE5.4 mph at 01:2610186800
21/02/200403:000.6C0.6C1C at 02:050.5C at 02:540 mph332NNW6.3 mph at 02:3910177100
21/02/200404:000.2C0.2C0.6C at 03:010.2C at 04:003 mph19NNE6.3 mph at 03:4310177400
21/02/200405:000.5C0.5C0.6C at 04:590.2C at 04:014 mph7North4.5 mph at 04:5710177400
21/02/200406:000.9C0.9C0.9C at 06:000.5C at 05:120 mph351North6.9 mph at 05:5510177200
21/02/200407:000.7C1C1C at 06:450.7C at 07:005 mph334NNW9.2 mph at 06:4010167200
21/02/200408:000.4C0.4C0.7C at 07:440.4C at 08:004 mph345NNW7.8 mph at 07:1510177500
21/02/200409:001.4C-6C1.4C at 09:000.3C at 08:3010 mph14NNE11 mph at 08:5510177100
21/02/200410:003.4C1C3.4C at 10:001.4C at 09:016 mph14NNE13 mph at 09:4110176000
21/02/200411:003.4C-4C3.9C at 10:163.3C at 10:5510 mph12NNE18.1 mph at 10:5110175900
21/02/200412:003.9C0C3.9C at 12:003.3C at 11:127 mph25NNE17.7 mph at 11:0610165800
21/02/200413:004.8C-3C4.9C at 12:394C at 12:0212 mph35NE21 mph at 12:3910165600
21/02/200414:005.1C-2C5.1C at 14:004.8C at 13:0210 mph47NE18.6 mph at 13:3510155500
21/02/200415:004.8C-3C5.4C at 14:254.8C at 15:0012 mph18NNE14.8 mph at 14:3610145700
21/02/200416:004.7C-6C5C at 15:394.6C at 15:5117 mph20NNE17.7 mph at 15:4410145900
21/02/200417:004.3C1C4.7C at 16:084.3C at 17:007 mph356North16.3 mph at 16:3710146200
21/02/200418:003.8C-8C4.3C at 17:033.8C at 18:0019 mph37NE18.6 mph at 18:0010146500
21/02/200419:003.6C-5C3.8C at 18:073.6C at 19:0012 mph356North16.3 mph at 18:5110156600
21/02/200420:003.5C4C3.6C at 19:583.5C at 20:005 mph351North17.2 mph at 19:2110166600
21/02/200421:003.3C1C3.5C at 20:183.3C at 21:006 mph13NNE19 mph at 20:2610166500
21/02/200422:003C-5C3.3C at 21:223C at 22:0010 mph10NNE20.1 mph at 21:0710166500
21/02/200423:002.8C2.8C3C at 22:122.8C at 23:004 mph343NNW13.9 mph at 22:0310166600