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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
21/10/2002Cold, misty and dampTime:09:24
21/10/2002Damp and misty. Some sunshineTime:10:39
21/10/2002Overcast, much warmer than yesterdayTime:15:23
21/10/2002Warm but very gloomyTime:16:31

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
21/10/200200:006.8C2C6.8C at 00:006.5C at 23:118 mph111SSE17.2 mph at 23:049989720
21/10/200201:007.1C4C7.1C at 01:006.8C at 00:087 mph142SE13.9 mph at 00:079979700
21/10/200202:007.7C7.7C7.7C at 02:007.1C at 01:150 mph151SSE11 mph at 01:319969700
21/10/200203:007.9C8C7.9C at 03:007.7C at 02:393 mph183SSE7.4 mph at 02:109959700
21/10/200204:008.3C8C8.3C at 04:007.9C at 03:104 mph147SSE6.7 mph at 03:509959700
21/10/200205:008.4C8C8.4C at 05:008.3C at 04:064 mph187SSE5.4 mph at 04:439949700
21/10/200206:008.9C9C8.9C at 06:008.4C at 05:114 mph147South6.3 mph at 05:359939700
21/10/200207:009.2C9C9.2C at 07:008.9C at 06:073 mph146SSE5.4 mph at 06:169939700
21/10/200208:009.6C9.6C9.6C at 08:009.3C at 07:230 mph204SSW4.9 mph at 07:539929700
21/10/200209:0010.2C10.2C10.2C at 09:009.6C at 08:100 mph162SSE4.9 mph at 08:269929700
21/10/200210:0011.6C11.6C11.6C at 10:0010.2C at 09:153 mph197SW2.7 mph at 10:009929701
21/10/200211:0013.2C13C13.2C at 11:0011.6C at 10:034 mph184South4.5 mph at 11:009929701
21/10/200212:0015.9C15.9C15.9C at 12:0013.2C at 11:010 mph208SW7.4 mph at 11:559929701
21/10/200213:0016.3C15C16.5C at 12:5215.9C at 12:016 mph173South12.1 mph at 12:599917801
21/10/200214:0016.8C17C16.8C at 14:0016.3C at 13:163 mph199NW8.3 mph at 13:339917601
21/10/200215:0016.5C17C16.9C at 14:1216.3C at 14:464 mph160SSE9.2 mph at 14:249917701
21/10/200216:0015.6C16C16.5C at 15:0715.6C at 16:004 mph196SSE13.9 mph at 15:499908001
21/10/200217:0015.2C11C15.6C at 16:0415.2C at 17:009 mph197SSE9.6 mph at 16:019908401
21/10/200218:0014.7C15C15.2C at 17:1414.7C at 18:003 mph155South9.2 mph at 17:599898701
21/10/200219:0014.4C14C14.7C at 18:0214.4C at 19:005 mph151SSE11 mph at 18:049898801
21/10/200220:0013.9C12C14.4C at 19:0713.9C at 20:006 mph177SSE9.6 mph at 19:229899001
21/10/200221:0013.2C12C13.9C at 20:0713.2C at 21:006 mph147SSE10.1 mph at 20:089889301
21/10/200222:0013.1C13C13.2C at 21:0213C at 21:573 mph167SSE9.2 mph at 21:169879501
21/10/200223:0012.9C11C13.1C at 22:2712.9C at 23:005 mph195SSE8.7 mph at 22:259879701