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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
22/03/2004Mild, bright and sunnyTime:09:35
22/03/2004Overcast with the occasional showerTime:16:11
22/03/2004Clear and coldTime:22:37

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
22/03/200400:005.6C3C7C at 23:215.6C at 00:006 mph294WNW11 mph at 23:5610087800
22/03/200401:005.8C4C5.8C at 01:005.6C at 00:186 mph300WNW11.6 mph at 00:4010087500
22/03/200402:005.6C5.6C5.8C at 01:185.6C at 02:000 mph298WNW8.3 mph at 01:2610087500
22/03/200403:005C2C5.6C at 02:035C at 03:006 mph317NW6.3 mph at 03:0010087700
22/03/200404:005.3C5C5.3C at 04:005C at 03:195 mph271West7.8 mph at 03:5010097700
22/03/200405:004.8C2C5.3C at 04:124.8C at 05:006 mph333NNW8.3 mph at 04:1010097700
22/03/200406:004.8C4.8C4.8C at 06:004.6C at 05:280 mph322NW6.9 mph at 05:4010107500
22/03/200407:007.7C3C7.8C at 06:594.7C at 06:238 mph266West8.3 mph at 07:0010116700
22/03/200408:009.1C6C9.1C at 08:006.9C at 07:207 mph284WNW15.2 mph at 07:4110115600
22/03/200409:0010.3C6C10.6C at 08:459.3C at 08:029 mph273West13.4 mph at 08:2510124800
22/03/200410:0010.1C4C11.1C at 09:429.7C at 09:5112 mph286WNW19 mph at 09:5410124600
22/03/200411:0010.5C8C10.6C at 10:589.9C at 10:087 mph5North15.9 mph at 10:5210124400
22/03/200412:007.7C2C10.5C at 11:085.4C at 11:289 mph313NW17.2 mph at 11:0910136300
22/03/200413:0010.2C8C10.2C at 13:007.8C at 12:016 mph263West13.4 mph at 12:0510134600
22/03/200414:009.2C2C10.3C at 13:028.6C at 13:5014 mph337NNW13.9 mph at 14:0010134400
22/03/200415:008.1C2C9.1C at 14:016.4C at 14:2110 mph345NNW13.9 mph at 14:0510135300
22/03/200416:008.1C4C9.2C at 15:328.1C at 16:008 mph332NNW15.4 mph at 15:0310144500
22/03/200417:008.5C5C8.7C at 16:497.6C at 16:097 mph316NW11.2 mph at 16:2010144400
22/03/200418:007.2C5C8.5C at 17:096.5C at 17:406 mph292WNW15.9 mph at 17:2010155000
22/03/200419:005.8C5.8C7.2C at 18:045.8C at 19:004 mph317NW12.5 mph at 18:0410155800
22/03/200420:005.2C5.2C5.8C at 19:045.2C at 20:004 mph322NW9.6 mph at 19:0410165600
22/03/200421:005.2C2C5.2C at 21:005.1C at 20:377 mph325NNW13.9 mph at 20:3710165600
22/03/200422:004.8C4.8C5.2C at 21:014.8C at 22:000 mph291WNW8.7 mph at 21:2710165800
22/03/200423:004.1C4.1C4.8C at 22:034C at 22:470 mph264West5.4 mph at 22:0510166700