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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
22/06/2003Very hot and muggy, the sky had some very weird looking 'humps and bumps' earlier, which have now cleared. It's rather dark looking, some lightning and thunder is rumbling... Time:15:55
22/06/2003Muggy, some occasional spots of rainTime:21:05
22/06/2003Rain, some flashes of lightningTime:22:33

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
22/06/200300:0018C18C18.3C at 23:0517.7C at 23:234 mph188South6.9 mph at 23:4610105400
22/06/200301:0017C17C18C at 00:0317C at 01:003 mph178South6.3 mph at 00:4410105800
22/06/200302:0016.8C15C17C at 01:5616.7C at 01:257 mph150SSE9.2 mph at 01:5310095800
22/06/200303:0016.2C15C16.8C at 02:0916.2C at 03:005 mph144SSE11.2 mph at 02:4410086300
22/06/200304:0015.5C11C16.1C at 03:0215.5C at 04:0011 mph138SSE11.6 mph at 03:0310076700
22/06/200305:0015.3C15.3C15.6C at 04:1415.2C at 04:403 mph170SSE11 mph at 04:0310067000
22/06/200306:0016.2C15C16.2C at 06:0015.2C at 05:026 mph148SSE10.5 mph at 05:3310066800
22/06/200307:0016.8C17C16.8C at 07:0016.2C at 06:034 mph126South13 mph at 06:4110066800
22/06/200308:0018.6C15C18.6C at 08:0016.8C at 07:0210 mph173SSE13.9 mph at 07:5310056400
22/06/200309:0020.3C17C20.3C at 09:0018.6C at 08:0210 mph216SSW13.9 mph at 08:2110056100
22/06/200310:0022.4C20C22.4C at 10:0020.4C at 09:0710 mph147SSW16.3 mph at 09:5210055400
22/06/200311:0025.3C25.3C25.3C at 11:0022.5C at 10:014 mph150SSW13.4 mph at 10:0310044500
22/06/200312:0027.4C26C27.4C at 12:0025.4C at 11:0210 mph177SSW16.8 mph at 11:5510034100
22/06/200313:0028.4C27C28.4C at 13:0027.3C at 12:1218 mph214South18.1 mph at 13:0010033800
22/06/200314:0029.2C28C29.3C at 13:5728.3C at 13:0713 mph127South18.1 mph at 13:2110023900
22/06/200315:0029.2C29.2C29.7C at 14:1429.1C at 14:593 mph206SSW18.1 mph at 14:1010023900
22/06/200316:0024.7C24C29.4C at 15:0624.7C at 16:007 mph180South14.3 mph at 15:3110024900
22/06/200317:0022.4C22C24.7C at 16:0222.4C at 17:005 mph289WNW16.8 mph at 16:2110036000
22/06/200318:0021.2C21C22.4C at 17:0221.2C at 18:005 mph216SW8.3 mph at 17:2710036300
22/06/200319:0019.2C19.2C21.1C at 18:0219.2C at 19:000 mph320NW10.1 mph at 18:0110047600
22/06/200320:0018.1C18.1C19.2C at 19:0718.1C at 20:000 mph295NW6.9 mph at 19:5810048300
22/06/200321:0018.4C18.4C18.4C at 21:0017.8C at 20:500 mph170SSE6.3 mph at 20:2610048200
22/06/200322:0018.2C18C18.4C at 21:0917.5C at 21:415 mph163SSE6.9 mph at 21:5010048300
22/06/200323:0016.8C15C18.3C at 22:1416.7C at 22:507 mph199SE6.7 mph at 23:0010039001