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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
23/04/2005Breezy, misty with a few spots of rain.Time:14:20
23/04/2005Dry and overcast.Time:19:50
23/04/2005A little misty and damp but other wise reasonably mild for the evenings live music in the playing fields.Time:20:24

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
23/04/200500:009.9C9.9C9.9C at 00:009.7C at 23:353 mph161SSE6.7 mph at 23:3510105800
23/04/200501:0010C10C10C at 01:009.9C at 00:334 mph151SSE6.3 mph at 00:3710105600
23/04/200502:009.4C9C10C at 01:099.4C at 02:000 mph179South5.8 mph at 01:5810096000
23/04/200503:008.8C6C9.4C at 02:018.8C at 03:007 mph166SSE7.4 mph at 02:3210096900
23/04/200504:008.4C8C8.7C at 03:138.4C at 04:003 mph103East8.3 mph at 03:4110096900
23/04/200505:008.4C3C8.4C at 05:008.4C at 05:009 mph135SE10.5 mph at 04:5910096900
23/04/200506:007.7C5C8.3C at 05:107.7C at 06:006 mph157SSE12.5 mph at 05:1010097500
23/04/200507:007.8C7.8C7.8C at 07:007.6C at 06:313 mph125ESE7.8 mph at 06:1910097600
23/04/200509:008.1C8C8.1C at 09:007.8C at 07:174 mph99East10.1 mph at 08:5410097600
23/04/200510:009C6C9C at 10:008.1C at 09:077 mph125ESE8.7 mph at 09:5610098000
23/04/200511:009.7C9.7C9.7C at 11:009C at 10:025 mph169SSE12.5 mph at 10:4910098100
23/04/200512:0010.1C10C10.3C at 11:499.8C at 11:044 mph139SE12.1 mph at 11:4910098001
23/04/200513:009.9C6C10C at 12:149.8C at 12:478 mph155SSE12.1 mph at 12:2610098401
23/04/200514:009.8C9.8C10C at 13:469.8C at 14:004 mph164SSE13 mph at 13:3610108501
23/04/200515:0010.3C8C10.3C at 15:009.8C at 14:116 mph149SSE11.6 mph at 14:1110098501
23/04/200516:0010.5C10.5C10.6C at 15:5210.3C at 15:013 mph134SE13 mph at 15:1810108001
23/04/200518:0011.8C9C11.8C at 18:0010.5C at 16:207 mph116ESE14.8 mph at 17:4310097501
23/04/200519:0011.7C11.7C11.8C at 18:1611.7C at 19:003 mph105East13.4 mph at 18:2110097501
23/04/200520:0010.6C10.6C11.7C at 19:0210.6C at 20:004 mph165SSE9.2 mph at 19:1410107901
23/04/200521:009.3C9C10.6C at 20:049.3C at 21:000 mph156SSE5.4 mph at 20:0710108001
23/04/200522:007.9C7.9C9.3C at 21:037.9C at 22:000 mph179South4.5 mph at 21:1210108201