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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
25/07/2003Overcast, rainingTime:09:29
25/07/2003It's raining. A lot!Time:13:48
25/07/2003It's been a very wet day with over an inch of rainfall. It's now dry. Time:21:47

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
25/07/200300:0015.3C12C15.7C at 23:0615.3C at 00:008 mph180South9.6 mph at 23:1110098700
25/07/200301:0015C14C15.3C at 00:0715C at 01:006 mph152SSE10.5 mph at 00:0110089200
25/07/200302:0014.9C10C15.1C at 01:2514.9C at 02:0011 mph153South11 mph at 02:0010079601
25/07/200303:0014.9C10C14.9C at 03:0014.8C at 02:5112 mph168SSW11.6 mph at 03:0010069733
25/07/200304:0015C15C15C at 04:0014.9C at 03:193 mph158South11 mph at 03:2510059714
25/07/200305:0015.1C12C15.1C at 05:0015C at 04:539 mph193SSE13.9 mph at 04:4110059615
25/07/200306:0014.9C11C15.1C at 05:1314.9C at 06:009 mph192SSE13.9 mph at 05:4610049615
25/07/200307:0014.9C11C15C at 06:3114.9C at 07:0010 mph177SSE15.4 mph at 06:2410049717
25/07/200308:0015.1C9C15.1C at 08:0014.9C at 07:1015 mph171South15.2 mph at 08:0010039517
25/07/200309:0015.2C10C15.3C at 08:5115.1C at 08:1412 mph168SSE15.4 mph at 08:1810039418
25/07/200310:0015.5C13C15.5C at 10:0015.2C at 09:167 mph163SSE15.9 mph at 09:2810029318
25/07/200311:0015.4C13C15.8C at 10:3415.4C at 11:007 mph167SSE15.2 mph at 10:10100194110
25/07/200312:0015.5C16C15.9C at 11:4315.3C at 11:085 mph141SSE13 mph at 11:30100095414
25/07/200313:0015.4C14C15.5C at 12:0415.1C at 12:226 mph193SSE8.7 mph at 12:3999997419
25/07/200314:0015.6C14C15.8C at 13:4215.4C at 13:076 mph289NNW10.1 mph at 13:01998971327
25/07/200315:0017.9C17.9C17.9C at 15:0015.6C at 14:013 mph309NNE9.2 mph at 14:53999951327
25/07/200316:0019.4C19.4C19.4C at 16:0017.7C at 15:123 mph4WNW9.6 mph at 15:39100085027
25/07/200317:0019.6C19.6C20.4C at 16:1818.8C at 16:364 mph280WNW10.5 mph at 16:59100167027
25/07/200318:0019.4C17C19.8C at 17:4219.4C at 18:007 mph351NW10.1 mph at 17:32100261027
25/07/200319:0018.6C17C19.4C at 18:1618.6C at 19:006 mph330NW11.2 mph at 18:27100257027
25/07/200320:0017.3C17.3C18.6C at 19:0517.3C at 20:000 mph225West8.3 mph at 19:03100368027
25/07/200321:0016.1C16.1C17.3C at 20:0316.1C at 21:000 mph288WNW6.7 mph at 20:56100468027
25/07/200322:0014.8C14.8C16.1C at 21:0214.8C at 22:000 mph318NW6.7 mph at 21:04100474027
25/07/200323:0014C14C14.8C at 22:0214C at 23:000 mph5North4.5 mph at 22:36100581027