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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
25/10/2004Very windyTime:01:36
25/10/2004Sunny and dampTime:09:45
25/10/2004Warm and sunnyTime:15:36
25/10/2004Clear and coldTime:23:39

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
25/10/200400:0011.5C9C34C at 23:5111.5C at 00:007 mph344SW17.2 mph at 23:409957002
25/10/200401:0011.1C7C11.5C at 00:0111.1C at 01:008 mph232SW20.1 mph at 00:269956500
25/10/200402:0011C7C11.1C at 01:4011C at 02:008 mph177South21 mph at 01:339956900
25/10/200403:0011.3C8C11.3C at 03:0010.9C at 02:168 mph176SSW18.6 mph at 02:369946500
25/10/200404:0011.1C5C11.3C at 03:0510.7C at 03:3511 mph225SW15.4 mph at 03:069956800
25/10/200405:0010.8C11C11.2C at 04:4410.8C at 05:005 mph223SW15.2 mph at 04:249967000
25/10/200406:0010.7C9C10.9C at 05:4810.7C at 06:005 mph242WNW13 mph at 05:259977200
25/10/200407:0010.2C10C10.7C at 06:0110.1C at 06:545 mph308WNW13.4 mph at 06:239988501
25/10/200408:0010.3C10C10.3C at 08:0010.2C at 07:254 mph134South12.1 mph at 07:579998701
25/10/200409:0010.8C8C10.8C at 09:0010.3C at 08:087 mph223WNW14.8 mph at 08:2110007901
25/10/200410:0011.1C8C11.1C at 10:0010.8C at 09:397 mph281NW13.4 mph at 09:4810017501
25/10/200411:0012.1C12C12.1C at 11:0011.2C at 10:145 mph277West13.4 mph at 10:1410026701
25/10/200412:0012.7C9C12.7C at 12:0012.1C at 11:368 mph291NNW12.1 mph at 11:4210035601
25/10/200413:0012.3C9C12.9C at 12:2412.3C at 13:008 mph278WSW16.3 mph at 12:3910045201
25/10/200414:0013.4C13C13.4C at 14:0012.2C at 13:115 mph24WNW13.4 mph at 13:1410054801
25/10/200415:0013.5C14C14.1C at 14:3713.4C at 14:025 mph189WSW13.9 mph at 14:3710054601
25/10/200416:0012.4C12.4C13.4C at 15:0312.4C at 16:003 mph274WSW9.6 mph at 15:4010065001
25/10/200417:0011.7C11.7C12.4C at 16:1611.7C at 17:004 mph308NW11.2 mph at 16:4910075401
25/10/200418:0010.9C10.9C11.7C at 17:0910.9C at 18:000 mph268West9.2 mph at 17:3010085801
25/10/200419:009.9C9.9C10.9C at 18:019.9C at 19:003 mph284WNW6.9 mph at 18:3510086201
25/10/200420:008.8C8.8C9.9C at 19:028.8C at 20:000 mph293WNW4.5 mph at 19:2810096701
25/10/200421:008.5C8.5C8.8C at 20:038.3C at 20:393 mph351North4.5 mph at 20:3910107301
25/10/200422:007.6C7.6C8.5C at 21:017.6C at 22:000 mph262West4.9 mph at 21:3910107301
25/10/200423:005.4C5.4C7.6C at 22:065.4C at 23:004 mph193SSW4.5 mph at 22:5810117501