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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
26/12/2003Mild but windy.Time:03:38
26/12/2003Dull and very windyTime:13:55
26/12/2003Looking quite stormy, dull, windy and wet. Pressure is still falling so expect more.Time:15:26

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
26/12/200300:004C4C4.8C at 23:153.8C at 23:530 mph266West14.3 mph at 23:1399291211
26/12/200301:0010.3C3C10.3C at 01:009.8C at 00:0713 mph218SW13.4 mph at 00:4610098400
26/12/200302:009.6C7C10.3C at 01:019.6C at 02:007 mph195SSW12.5 mph at 01:4610089101
26/12/200303:0010C10C10C at 03:009.6C at 02:233 mph147SSE11.6 mph at 02:4310078601
26/12/200304:0010.2C4C10.2C at 04:009.9C at 03:3811 mph210South15.2 mph at 03:5810068401
26/12/200305:009.9C4C10.2C at 04:269.9C at 05:0010 mph194SSW14.8 mph at 04:1910058801
26/12/200306:009.7C4C9.9C at 05:109.6C at 05:4310 mph178South15.9 mph at 05:3710049201
26/12/200307:009.7C9.7C10C at 06:399.7C at 07:000 mph242WSW13.4 mph at 06:1410029301
26/12/200308:009.6C1C9.7C at 07:219.6C at 08:0015 mph214SW15.4 mph at 08:0010019502
26/12/200309:009.6C4C9.6C at 09:009.5C at 08:4510 mph195SSW13.4 mph at 08:3910019002
26/12/200310:0010.1C5C10.1C at 10:009.6C at 09:0210 mph198SSW14.3 mph at 09:339998502
26/12/200311:0010.7C8C10.7C at 11:0010.1C at 10:027 mph170SSE15.9 mph at 10:269988002
26/12/200312:0010.9C6C11C at 11:5910.5C at 11:2610 mph163SSE14.8 mph at 11:139977602
26/12/200313:0010.9C5C11C at 12:5610.8C at 12:4312 mph167SSE13.4 mph at 12:569957202
26/12/200314:0010.5C6C10.9C at 13:0210.5C at 14:008 mph184South17.7 mph at 13:499937402
26/12/200315:0010.5C10.5C10.6C at 14:5910.5C at 15:004 mph190SSE17.2 mph at 14:499917402
26/12/200316:009.6C5C10.5C at 15:099.6C at 16:009 mph181South17.2 mph at 15:049908834
26/12/200317:008.2C8.2C9.8C at 16:298.2C at 17:004 mph325NW16.3 mph at 16:099908336
26/12/200318:007.5C7.5C8.1C at 17:057.5C at 18:003 mph313NW11 mph at 17:369908536
26/12/200319:007.2C7.2C7.5C at 18:057C at 18:410 mph261West10.1 mph at 18:569918506
26/12/200320:006.4C6.4C7.2C at 19:036.4C at 20:000 mph218SW11 mph at 19:139918907
26/12/200321:005.5C5.5C6.4C at 20:055.5C at 21:000 mph131SE8.7 mph at 20:259918707
26/12/200322:005C5C5.6C at 21:145C at 22:004 mph287WNW8.7 mph at 21:389928707
26/12/200323:004.7C5C5C at 22:134.5C at 22:565 mph323NW11 mph at 22:4399290310