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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
28/11/2003Lots of grey cloud aroundTime:09:30
28/11/2003Sunny spellsTime:14:24
28/11/2003Dry and mild. Which is just as well, it's the town Goodwill Evening with Mike Smooth spinning the records which if the webcam had sound you could all listen to... Well, it's probably just as well it doesn't!Time:21:52

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
28/11/200300:000.2C0.2C0.2C at 00:00-0.2C at 23:270 mph203SSW0 mph at 00:0010059700
28/11/200301:000.6C0.6C0.7C at 00:510.2C at 00:020 mph203SSW0 mph at 01:0010059700
28/11/200302:000.9C0.9C1C at 01:580.6C at 01:280 mph203SSW0 mph at 02:0010059700
28/11/200303:001C1C1.1C at 02:560.9C at 02:320 mph203SSW0 mph at 03:0010059700
28/11/200304:000.7C0.7C1.1C at 03:230.6C at 03:570 mph203SSW0 mph at 04:0010059600
28/11/200305:001.8C1.8C1.8C at 05:000.7C at 04:010 mph190SSW4.5 mph at 04:5610069600
28/11/200306:001.6C1.6C1.9C at 05:411.6C at 06:003 mph193SSW5.8 mph at 05:4410069200
28/11/200307:001.3C1.3C1.6C at 06:541.3C at 07:000 mph199SSW4.5 mph at 06:1210069300
28/11/200308:001.7C2C1.7C at 08:001.3C at 07:244 mph183South4.5 mph at 08:0010079500
28/11/200309:004.4C4C4.4C at 09:001.7C at 08:075 mph180SSE6.7 mph at 08:3210078800
28/11/200310:004.1C4.1C4.6C at 09:053.7C at 09:424 mph146SSE8.3 mph at 09:2410078500
28/11/200311:006.4C6C6.4C at 11:004.1C at 10:075 mph188South5.4 mph at 10:5510078000
28/11/200312:008.2C8C8.2C at 12:006.4C at 11:014 mph179SSW6.3 mph at 11:2210067600
28/11/200313:009.5C4C9.6C at 12:548.3C at 12:0310 mph218SSW15.9 mph at 12:2710067200
28/11/200314:009.3C4C9.6C at 13:139.3C at 14:0010 mph142SSE11.6 mph at 13:1210067500
28/11/200315:008.9C6C9.3C at 14:278.9C at 15:006 mph167SSE12.5 mph at 14:1110068100
28/11/200316:008.7C9C8.9C at 15:188.7C at 16:004 mph181SSE11.2 mph at 15:0710068600
28/11/200317:008.3C8.3C8.7C at 16:048.3C at 17:004 mph164South8.3 mph at 16:0510078900
28/11/200318:008.5C4C8.5C at 18:008.2C at 17:358 mph165South11.2 mph at 17:5110079200
28/11/200319:008.7C5C8.7C at 19:008.5C at 18:247 mph168SSE10.1 mph at 18:4610079000
28/11/200320:0014.1C7C14.1C at 20:008.7C at 19:245 mph163SSE9.6 mph at 19:0310078900
28/11/200321:008.9C6C8.9C at 21:008.8C at 20:226 mph171SSE10.5 mph at 20:4610078800
28/11/200322:008.7C6C9C at 21:248.7C at 22:006 mph173SSE10.1 mph at 21:4310068900
28/11/200323:008.6C9C8.7C at 22:128.4C at 22:424 mph150SSE10.1 mph at 22:2110069200