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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
29/11/2005Some lying snow from earlier. Temperatures have risen slightly.Time:00:25
29/11/2005Looking like a winter wonderland this morning. The sun is out so it will probably melt shortly! the site keeps going off line at the moment, this is due to my router that keeps locking up. I will get another!Time:10:56
29/11/2005Still some snow around from last night and ITV were on the common at lunch time doing a news report on the snow that left drivers stranded far and wide. Time:13:46

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
29/11/200500:000.8C0.8C0.8C at 00:000.6C at 23:230 mph42NE9.2 mph at 23:3310068901
29/11/200501:000.4C0.4C0.8C at 00:230.4C at 01:000 mph339NNW5.4 mph at 00:0210068800
29/11/200502:00-0.3C-0.3C0.4C at 01:01-0.3C at 02:000 mph14NNE3.1 mph at 01:0310078800
29/11/200503:00-0.9C-0.9C-0.3C at 02:02-0.9C at 03:000 mph14NNE0 mph at 03:0010078800
29/11/200504:00-1.2C-1.2C-0.9C at 03:44-1.2C at 04:000 mph14NNE0 mph at 04:0010078800
29/11/200505:00-1.6C-1.6C-1.2C at 04:07-1.6C at 05:000 mph14NNE0 mph at 05:0010078800
29/11/200506:00-1.8C-1.8C-1.6C at 05:15-1.8C at 06:000 mph13NNE0 mph at 06:0010078800
29/11/200507:00-2.3C-2.3C-1.8C at 06:13-2.3C at 07:000 mph14NNE0 mph at 07:0010088800
29/11/200508:00-2.9C-2.9C-2.3C at 07:01-2.9C at 08:000 mph14NNE0 mph at 08:0010088800
29/11/200511:001.4C1.4C1.4C at 11:00-3C at 08:330 mph163SSE3.6 mph at 10:1910109101
29/11/200512:003C3C3C at 12:001.4C at 11:014 mph190SSE4.9 mph at 11:5810109033
29/11/200513:004.3C4.3C4.3C at 13:003C at 12:014 mph190SSW4.5 mph at 12:5610099024
29/11/200514:004.9C4.9C4.9C at 14:004.3C at 13:040 mph197SSW4.5 mph at 13:2310098624
29/11/200515:003.8C3.8C4.9C at 14:103.8C at 15:003 mph186South3.6 mph at 14:5210097704
29/11/200516:002.7C2.7C3.7C at 15:042.7C at 16:000 mph188South4 mph at 15:0510097604
29/11/200517:001.8C1.8C2.7C at 16:041.8C at 17:000 mph187South3.6 mph at 16:5310097704
29/11/200518:001.3C1.3C1.8C at 17:021.3C at 18:000 mph200SSW4 mph at 17:1110107904
29/11/200519:000.3C0.3C1.3C at 18:070.3C at 19:003 mph188South4 mph at 18:4110108004
29/11/200520:00-0.7C-0.7C0.3C at 19:06-0.7C at 20:000 mph205SSW4 mph at 19:3510108104
29/11/200521:00-1.4C-1.4C-0.7C at 20:03-1.4C at 21:000 mph203SSW3.6 mph at 20:2110118204
29/11/200522:00-2.1C-2.1C-1.4C at 21:01-2.1C at 22:000 mph202SSW0 mph at 22:0010118304
29/11/200523:00-2.6C-2.6C-2.1C at 22:03-2.6C at 23:000 mph202SSW0 mph at 23:0010118404