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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
30/09/2005Damp and overcast. Fog on the hills earlier.Time:09:46
30/09/2005Wet and mild.Some quite heavy showers earlier.Time:21:53

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
30/09/200500:0011.9C10C11.9C at 00:0011.4C at 23:026 mph154SSE10.1 mph at 23:4610218000
30/09/200501:0012C12C12C at 01:0011.8C at 00:504 mph179South8.3 mph at 00:0610208200
30/09/200502:0012.6C9C12.6C at 02:0012C at 01:089 mph188South9.2 mph at 01:5510198300
30/09/200503:0013.3C13C13.3C at 03:0012.6C at 02:014 mph207SSW11 mph at 02:1010188700
30/09/200504:0014.1C14C14.1C at 04:0013.3C at 03:055 mph184South12.1 mph at 03:1910189000
30/09/200505:0014.3C14C14.3C at 05:0014.1C at 04:060 mph198SSW10.1 mph at 04:2810179100
30/09/200506:0014.7C14.7C14.7C at 06:0014.3C at 05:043 mph177South9.6 mph at 05:1310179200
30/09/200507:0015.2C13C15.2C at 07:0014.7C at 06:146 mph220SW10.1 mph at 06:3710179301
30/09/200508:0015.7C15.7C15.7C at 08:0015.2C at 07:035 mph180South6.9 mph at 07:2910179301
30/09/200509:0016.1C16C16.1C at 09:0015.7C at 08:040 mph316NW8.7 mph at 08:3610179401
30/09/200510:0016.5C16.5C16.5C at 10:0016.1C at 09:044 mph273West11.6 mph at 09:2810179501
30/09/200511:0016.7C16.7C16.7C at 11:0016.5C at 10:093 mph227SW6.9 mph at 10:0910189501
30/09/200512:0017.1C17C17.1C at 12:0016.7C at 11:154 mph313NW12.1 mph at 11:4410179601
30/09/200513:0017.4C13C17.5C at 12:5017.1C at 12:0412 mph300WNW11.6 mph at 13:0010179501
30/09/200514:0017.7C17.7C17.7C at 14:0017.4C at 13:124 mph290WNW11 mph at 13:5510179301
30/09/200515:0018.5C18.5C18.5C at 15:0017.7C at 14:184 mph244WSW13.9 mph at 14:2110178901
30/09/200516:0018.1C18C18.5C at 15:0918.1C at 16:004 mph216SW13 mph at 15:0110167901
30/09/200517:0018C18C18.1C at 16:5018C at 17:003 mph169SSE12.1 mph at 16:4810168101
30/09/200518:0017.6C16C18C at 17:0717.6C at 18:007 mph193SSW9.6 mph at 17:2410158301
30/09/200519:0017.3C15C17.6C at 18:2017.3C at 19:007 mph193SSW11 mph at 18:4610148701
30/09/200520:0017.5C15C17.5C at 20:0017.3C at 19:328 mph229SW11.6 mph at 19:0410138901
30/09/200521:0017.2C17C17.5C at 20:1017.2C at 21:004 mph323NW8.7 mph at 20:0910139144
30/09/200522:0015.5C15.5C17.2C at 21:0815.5C at 22:004 mph351North12.5 mph at 21:5010138925
30/09/200523:0014C11C15.5C at 22:0414C at 23:007 mph284WNW10.5 mph at 22:2610158725