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NailsworthWeather.co.uk Observed Reports for this day:
31/08/2005Bright and sunny.Time:09:36
31/08/2005Hot, bright and sunny. Pressure is falling at fair old lick, the wind is picking up and there are some lightning strikes around Bodmin.Time:12:17
31/08/2005Lots of dark sky around. Lightning detector says we in the middle of a storm!Time:17:01
31/08/2005Some rain and thunder, which seems to have passed now. Time:19:25

Date Time Temp Wind
Max Temperature
in last hour
Min Temperature
in last hour
Max Wind Gust
in last hour
Pressure Humidity Rain
31/08/200500:0013.5C13.5C14.8C at 23:0213.5C at 00:000 mph215SW4.5 mph at 23:5410187400
31/08/200501:0014.5C14.5C14.5C at 01:0013.5C at 00:153 mph175SSE5.8 mph at 00:2210187900
31/08/200502:0015.1C14C15.1C at 02:0014.5C at 01:125 mph164SSE6.9 mph at 01:5810178200
31/08/200503:0015.5C15.5C15.6C at 02:5315.1C at 02:044 mph183South8.7 mph at 02:1810168200
31/08/200504:0015.4C14C15.5C at 03:4015.4C at 04:006 mph169SSE9.6 mph at 03:3510158300
31/08/200505:0015.7C15.7C15.7C at 05:0015.4C at 04:135 mph200SSW8.3 mph at 04:0910148500
31/08/200506:0015.4C15C15.6C at 05:2515.4C at 06:004 mph145SSE9.2 mph at 05:5710138700
31/08/200507:0015.3C13C15.4C at 06:1515.3C at 07:007 mph177South7.8 mph at 06:0810138800
31/08/200508:0016.8C16.8C16.8C at 08:0015.3C at 07:075 mph187South7.8 mph at 07:2810138900
31/08/200509:0019.4C19C19.4C at 09:0016.8C at 08:015 mph136SE8.3 mph at 08:5410127500
31/08/200510:0021.7C19C21.7C at 10:0019.5C at 09:029 mph196SSW12.1 mph at 09:3910116000
31/08/200511:0024.3C22C24.3C at 11:0021.8C at 10:0210 mph118ESE11.6 mph at 10:5210115000
31/08/200512:0026.6C26C26.6C at 12:0024.3C at 11:0112 mph131SE14.3 mph at 11:4110104000
31/08/200513:0026.4C25C26.8C at 12:1126.3C at 12:5111 mph159SSE19.9 mph at 12:2110104100
31/08/200514:0026C25C26.5C at 13:0625.9C at 13:379 mph190South12.5 mph at 13:2910104300
31/08/200515:0024.3C24C26C at 14:0324.3C at 15:000 mph19NNE9.2 mph at 14:0110105100
31/08/200516:0023.8C23.8C24.3C at 15:0223.7C at 15:570 mph104East6.3 mph at 15:2810095400
31/08/200517:0023.9C23.9C24.3C at 16:4323.8C at 16:035 mph177South7.8 mph at 16:5910084800
31/08/200519:0019.9C18C23.8C at 17:0519.8C at 18:567 mph198SSW16.8 mph at 18:4210088001
31/08/200520:0019.4C19C20C at 19:2019.4C at 20:003 mph165SSE10.1 mph at 19:2710098401
31/08/200521:0017.9C17.9C19.4C at 20:0117.9C at 21:000 mph223SW6.9 mph at 20:2810098001
31/08/200522:0016.7C16.7C17.8C at 21:0416.7C at 22:004 mph146SSE6.7 mph at 21:4010098201