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About the Weather Station

The weather station was first set up in November 2001 using the Oregon Scientific WM918 wired weather station.

That was replaced after long service in May 2010 with a Davis Vantage Pro station, the main reason being that the Oregon unit was dropped from manufacture and spare parts were no longer available. The Vantage Pro also has a proper size rain collector so rainfall should be more accurate.

The wind measuring bits are mounted at roof level and like a lot of urban weather stations recording the wind speed is never going to be the same as the readings you would obtain at say an airport with good clear unonstructed air from all directions.

However the station does what it says on the tin, it provides you with the weather conditions in Nailsworth. I have also fitted the weather station with a webcam that looks out over the valley so if you are expecting any snow, the webcam is a good place monitor it with!

Data is uploaded to the website every five minutes.

The website had a slight design change at the start of January 2013, although it's basically exactly the same as when it first started!